The NVPD board is currently busy with:

  • organizing the annual conference to be held in 2016
  • organizing a reference network for psychosocial caregivers with special interest in psychodermatology
  • preparing tuition programmes about psychodermatology for psychosocial caregivers


Annual NVPD conference

NVPD organizes an annual conference with a psychodermatological theme. The conference is open to anyone who is interested in psychodermatology, both members and non-members. The programme consists of multidisciplinary speakers. Also, there is time to exchange ideas and experiences.

In case of suggestions for a theme, please contact us.

PsyNVPD network

One of the aims of the NVPD is to promote and facilitate collaboration between different professionals in the field of psychodermatology. Dermatologists often recognize the psychosocial problems of their patients, however, frequently they do not know adequate professionals to refer them to for counseling. For closing this gap the NVPD has established the PsyNVPD network. Psychosocial caregivers, e.g. psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, dermatological nurses with specific knowledge in the field of psychodermatology are admitted to this network.

Are you looking for a psychosocial caregiver with specific attention for and knowledge in psychodermatology in your area? Contact us.

We also intend to train the PsyNVPD network members  in psychodermatological diagnostic techniques and therapies in the future for optimal benefit of patients with skin diseases. If you are interested in participating in this network as a psychosocial caregiver you can contact us.


Refresher course psychodermatology

NVPD organizes a two-day psychodermatology refresher course for psychosocial caregivers. The course is open for first-line, GZ and clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Participants learn to recognize psychodermatological diseases, the spectrum varying from psychoses as delusional parasitosis to coping problems in patients with chronic skin disease. After the course you have knowledge about and insight in the diagnostics and therapies of psychodermatoses.

More information on the website of RINO Noord-Holland (in Dutch).


Newsletters (in Dutch)

Twice a year members receive a digital newsletter over recent developments in the field of psychodermatology. If you have relevant information for our newsletter you can contact us.

Newsletter March 2015
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